Primera Trio FAQ's

Q: What is the print resolution?
A: Photo quality at up to 4800 x 1200 dpi

Q: How fast does it print?
A: Print speed depends on the quality setting. (draft, letter): 3.1 ppm black, 2.4 ppm color ISO Speeds: Up to 2.4 ppm black, 1.7 ppm color

Q: Can I buy cartridges at a local office store?
A: Primera Trio cartridges are not typically sold at retail outlets however they may be ordered online at or through hundreds of online resellers.

Q: Where can I buy a Primera Trio?
A: Primera Trio is available direct from the manufacturer at or through hundreds of online resellers beginning in June 2015.

Q: How fast can I make a copy?
A: ISO Speeds: up to 1.7 ppm black, up to 1.1 ppm colour

Q: Can I print both sides (duplex)?
A: Yes, however it is a manual process.

Q: How many pages will I get out of an ink cartridge? (Note: Primera Trio uses only one cartridge whereas most other desktop printers use two cartridges)
A: ISO pages, black ISO/IEC 27411 (with high-yield cart) draft: up to 495 ISO pages, colour ISO/IEC 27411 (with high-yield cart) draft: up to 580 ISO pages, black ISO/IEC 27411 (with high-yield cart) default: up to 185 ISO pages, colour ISO/IEC 27411 (with high-yield cart) default up to 260

Q: What is the average cost per print?
A: Utilizing the optional high-yield cartridges the cost will be approximately €0.10 per page using the black high-yield cartridge and €0.09 per page using the high yield colour cartridge.

Q: How many pages will it print at one time?
A: The paper tray holds up to 10 pages of standard printer paper.

Q: What is the scan speed and capacity?
A:. Scan speed is up to 1.4 ppm at 300 dpi in black and white and up to 1.6 ppm at 300 dpi in colour. Capacity is one sheet, receipt, business card, etc. at a time.

Q: Can I print borderless photos?
A: Yes. Borderless photos may be printed through the rear paper feed.

Q: Can I print card stock?
A: You cannot print card stock through the top paper feed however the rear paper feed will take a light- weight card stock.

Q: What media types are supported?
A: Letter, legal, A4, A5, A6, 4” x6” photo, U. S. #10 envelope, Hagaki, and custom.

Q: How is it connected to my PC or Mac?
A: Via USB 1.1 (USB 2.0/3.0 compatible)

Q: Can I run it off of my Mac computer?
A: Yes, as long as you are using OS X v10.7 or higher

Q: Is the Primera Trio wireless?
A: No

Q: Why isn’t it wireless?
A: Business people have very low tolerance and even less patience for wireless connections that for some unknown reason won’t connect. Bluetooth was initially considered but left off because data rates are too slow for scanned images. You’d need to plug in a USB cable for scanning anyway.
Instead, we use a standard USB cable. It just works every time. And of course, you can still share the printer on any wired or wireless Windows network you have at home or at work.
There’s another huge benefit from using a USB cable for the data interface. When you’re operating the printer off of battery power, the USB port is constantly trickle-charging the printer’s battery. That’s handy when you leave town with a battery that might be only partly charged.

Q: How many prints will I get out of the optional Lithium-ion battery?
A: When fully charged the battery will allow you to print up to 350 pages.

Q: How do I charge the optional Lithium-ion battery?
A: The Lithium-ion battery continually trickle-charges through the USB port when connected to your powered computer.

Q: Can I print from my iPad or smart phone?
A: No

Q: What is the warranty?
A: One-year parts and labor including one year of phone, chat and email support. An additional one year extended warranty is available after registration of you Primera Trio. For further information see additional warranty.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: The printer can be returned within 30 days with proof of purchase (original or digital receipt) in its original packaging.

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